The Aurora Colorado Shooting
Freiwald Law

That interview was painful to listen to. So much ignorance between you and Goodman, both on the legal aspects and technical aspects of firearms and their ownership. How you both managed to get through law school is anyone’s guess but then again I’ve never seed a J.D. as anything more than another English degree with a little Debate and Technical Writing thrown in.

Let me clear up this myth you and Goodman have about the Second Amendment and the Heller case; it did not create or change anything to do with whether or not the 2A protected an individual right. The collective right theories, as they pertained to the 2A, were born in the late 1800’s and did not even gain popularity among legal scholars until well into the 1960’s. If you or Goodman had ever read the v. Heller decision in its entirety, you’d know that all 9 SCOTUS justices supported the individual right interpretation. The 5–4 split only concerned the scope of that individual right, not whether or not it exists. The v. Heller decision did not create the individual right, it just put the nails in the coffin of the flawed collective interpretation theories championed by a few legal scholars

Smart Guns. For all of the gushing on how smart and knowledgeable Goodman is on the subject of gun-control (she’s not), this has to be one of the most idiotic concepts supported by gun-control advocates. First off, the NRA is not against them, they’ve stated as much many times. The NRA is against laws that mandate they be sold to the exclusion of any other firearm that can’t be classified as a “Smart Gun”. Given the fact that even the best smart gun on the market, the Armatix IP1, is a dismal failure in terms of reliability and resistance to bypassing its security measures, it seems the NRA is correct in their stance against such laws.

Finally, because I could spend hours correcting you and Goodman here and I really don’t have the time, gun owners are not seeking to elevate the 2A above the other Amendments that protect (read: not grant) individual rights. We simply want it to be given the same respect as any of the other BoR Amendments that specially mention “the People” (1st, 4th, 9th, and 10th).

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