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This whole mess is nothing more than a jumble of half-truths, outright lies, statistics with zero contextual understanding on your part, and the usual ignorance-based complaining of a garden-variety gun-control advocate.

Let’s first fix your first big fib; the resolution recently signed by President Trump (H.J. Res. 40) does not lift any kind of ban on the mentally ill from owning a firearm. It reversed a directive that administratively placed people into the NICS with zero due process simply because they needed help to handle their financial matters. Maybe you should be asking yourself, since you think this law was such a good idea, why the ACLU and more than a dozen advocacy groups supporting those with mental health issues signed letters of support of H.J. Resolution 40.

No, angry little liberal, the 4.7 million active records in the NICS database of those adjudicated to be mentally ill such that they pose a threat to themselves and others are still there. Those 4.7 million are no closer to buying a gun through an FFL than they were before H.J. Res. 40 was signed. Facts and proper context, pesky things to the arguments of gun-control advocates.

Second, why don’t you examine the effects of Prohibition? Did it prohibit anything? Certainly didn’t seem to do more than create an incredibly lucrative blackmarket for alcohol. You honestly think that a “Prohibition” on firearms would have any impact at all? Talking about a durable good that can last decades to centuries with only minimal maintenance and there’s somewhere between 300,000,000 and 400,000,000 of them in civilian hands already. 3D printing? Desktop CNC machining? The Internet? I’m afraid the technology has rather left you in the dust as far as repealing the 2nd Amendment is concerned.

Then there’s this little gem:

“ Gun laws need to be changed. This isn’t up for debate.”

Ummm, wrong. This is up for debate and one you will lose until you actually get some education on the topic.

“ The man who perpetrated the worst mass shooting in the history of the world was on an FBI terrorist watch list and yet he was still able to legally buy a gun.”

So are thousands of people who have done absolutely nothing wrong and yet have to go through an onerous process in an attempt to get their names removed from said list. Guess in your little world those people should just be happily fucked out of their rights eh? Due Process, look it up.

“ I cannot stress enough that nothing that Obama has done has even remotely limited people’s ability to buy guns legally.”

Well except signing the stupid order that H.J. Res. 40 rescinded and constantly asked for sweeping legislation from Congress to ban scary looking rifles. Oh, I’m sure he had nothing to do with the ATF’s proposal to ban M855 ammo a little while back. Yeah right. Obama’s failure on gun-control wasn’t because of a lack of effort on his part.

“ I have lived overseas for almost 4 years now and when with my British friends guns come up they make fun of me and I find there is nothing I can say or do to defend myself.”

Having been born in England and having family members that visit the US, it seems they rather quickly get the idea behind gun ownership here once they are properly educated on the topic and get a little trigger time at the range. All of a sudden it’s neither a big mystery or a big deal to them. Funny how education works.

“ Universal background checks are not infringing upon anyone’s rights, not letting private sellers sell to the highest bidder under the guise of a gun show is not a fascist regime out to destroy freedom, having mandated waiting periods while certain details are examined does not prevent anyone from living their life as an American citizen.”

They actually do and worse, such laws are completely useless. If you really think UBC laws work then where is the conclusive data from the states that do have such laws? Maybe you aren’t aware that such laws are unenforceable and that even LEA’s have publicly stated that they are not marshaling scarce resources and manpower to even try. Just another useless, feel-good law that know-nothings pronounce as “common sense”. Seriously, you can’t claim legislation is common sense when you know next to nothing about subject you want legislation for. Same with mandatory waiting periods, not a single well-structured study proves such laws are effective. Even the DoJ drew a blank on defending the rationale of that one.

“ …refuse to open up a discourse because it is their right to own guns…”

Can you blame them? Why would anyone sane want dialog with a close-minded bigot that’s only going to parrot the same junk statistics and emotional rhetoric that’s been repeated for over 30 years? You said yourself you have no experience with firearms and want nothing to do with them. That’s fine, nobody is going to force you but if you want dialog you had better start learning about them one way or another. It’s hard to have dialog with somebody who is completely ignorant about a topic (technically, legally, culturally, and historically) then try to use that ignorance to proclaim they are just using “common sense”. First, you are going to have to understand that it really is a Right to own firearms. All nine SCOTUS justices found that the 2nd Amendment protects a Right that applies to individuals and not collectively (the 5–4 ruling in v. Heller is about the scope of that individual right, not whether or not it exists). Post-Scalia SCOTUS went 8–0 in that interpretation in Caetano v. Massachusetts. Might want to read that about that case too, it kind of puts to bed your idea that the 2nd Amendment is dated or somehow now divorced from one of the purposes it was ratified for.

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