I take it you disagree.
Barbara Stoner

So far as criminals are concerned, I was looking at it from the criminal’s point of view.

Which is what? Bypass any background check system with a straw-buyer? Use a “community gun”?

And many of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights have actually been regulated in reasonable ways (the old shouting fire in a crowded theatre, for instance).

Actually no, they haven’t, and that whole shouting fire thing was overruled in a Supreme Court case in the 1950’s. So yes, you can shout fire in a crowded theater all you want, legally there is nothing you could be charged with (civil penalty is another matter).

My question to you is do you think we all should have the right to own semi-automatic weapons and the paraphernalia to make them fully automatic? And why?

Well we do have the right to own semi-automatic firearms and there is no such common “paraphernalia” that turns them into full-auto firearms. If you are confused about the semi-automatic part then you are welcome to read the 1939 SCOTUS decision in US v Miller. If you are confused about the technical, legal definition of a semi-automatic versus a full-automatic/select-fire firearm, then you should consult the BATF and understand bump-fire stocks in no way affect the semi-automatic definition. In fact, a shoestring or some rubber bands can be employed to exactly the same effect. A thumb hooked into a belt loop can be used to bump-fire any semi-automatic firearm.

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