Six Ideas From Islam I Use To Find Success
James Altucher

An interesting view of Islam. Though it is not in the title of the religion, you will find surrender as part of the Jewish and Christian faiths, as you will also five the other 4 pillars of Islam. I find one takes from the world, and even from religion, what one can to fashion their own view of life. This you have done, but you have left out the most interesting part — the part where others take their pieces of religion and what you call science fiction and create their own view of life. There are moral people who espouse Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and the other religions that have appeared, disappeared, and proliferate on this planet. It is part of humanity’s baseline function to be moral, to be good, to be helpful and kind, and to live their allotted time on this planet. As the population grew larger, it became necessary to set forth a code of ethics, first with Hammurabi, then with other men and women who believed themselves the one who speaks for the god or goddess. Power is also in humanity’s makeup as is evil and ignorance. It is all part of the journey of being a member of the human race. Some get it. Most don’t. Surrender and sacrifice are common teachings and beliefs when humanity decided to create god in their own image and gave their god/desses a voice. We are born, we learn, and we die and, hopefully, along the way we evolve. Here’s to further evolution.

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