“You Hear About It. But You Hear About It Happening Elsewhere.”
Hilal Isler

“… drove passed the gas station…” [d}rove past the gas station.

passed is to go away from something; it is the past tense of the verb to pass. Past is to move by something; I walked past the store. Passed and past are often mistaken for each other in writing.

Interesting viewpoint. I understand that the ignorant will always be ignorant unless someone teaches them the difference. To those in your piece, everyone who looks different is dangerous especially in the wake of violence. To the black man, the white man is dangerous. To the Native American, everyone not Native American is dangerous. To the white man, those who aren’t white enough are dangerous. To the brown man, the white man is dangerous even though the brown man has committed violence and had violence committed against him. Everyone who is ignorant fears someone. As my sister said yesterday when we talked, there is no pure race and that is something no Asian will admit when they put mixed babies out to be exposed or adopted because they are not pure enough. Purity is a myth and myths sell because myths make US better than THEM.

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