Let’s Make Washington Work for Us
Arnold Schwarzenegger

I agree with the spirit of your point, but not with the results, not completely. Okay, you got the districts redrawn and that was good as was shaking up the political status quo, but what have you actually accomplished? Politicians are as a result moving more toward the center where the voters are and, I suspect, have always been. In that sense, you have changed nothing by private redistricting except a few faces. The politicians that remain will reformat their speeches and maybe have to work for votes they previously counted on (as Hillary did last year), but the politicians remain, and even some of the same old politicians who will re-brand themselves to sell the same old snake oil. What we really need is scorched earth, get rid of all the old politicians and start fresh with new faces and hopefully new ideas and a solid work ethic, not what has built up the swamp in Washington, D.C. You’re on the right track, but you’re — and we, the American people — are going to have to go farther to actually drain the political swamps all across the country.

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