Rape Culture: Four Things Every Woman Needs To Know
Caitlin Johnstone

I remember a movie where the woman going through jungle training had to accept being raped — repeatedly. She did and she got on with the job. The instructor raping her and training her told her she needed to be raped to be able to get over it, thru it, past it and just get on with the work she had to do. He raped her, I know now, because he enjoyed the power rape gave him over her. I recognized that at the time, but I should have recognized it more AT THAT TIME. Men do indeed need women more than we need them with their being a bee buzzing about a field of flowers because it’s HIS job. BS

Humanity continues because women have been bearing children. Women can get pregnant by one man or 50. That is one thing George R. R. Martin got right when he showed the Khal and his warriors raping women one after another. Most they kept as slaves or sold as slaves to others, but the point was to prove their worth. How much is a warrior worth if his conquests are among slaves being raped to prove his worth? Men do not need to father children, but they do enjoy fathering children, and would enjoy it just as much if these warriors could get sheep and goats pregnant instead of creating a disease like syphilis that leaves the infected out of their minds. Yes, men can be satisified with masturbation, as Brett Ratner demonstrated in front of women, and as men have demonstrated as pubescent teens figuring out what their plumbing can do, but men can also be satisfied with a hole in the ground as long as they can rub their naked plumbing in the hole fast enough and often enough to let the earth stroke their egos and their plumbing. I’ve seen dogs hump holes in the ground when the bitches they tried to hump bit them hard enough and often enough.

You have a brain, men, use it for something other than stuffing.

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