Donald Trump is Making the United States An Anti-Corruption Laughingstock
Mother Jones

It’s hard not to laugh at the current struggle to get Trump to behave when corruption and lack of ethics have been the hallmarks of previous presidents during their tenures and post presidency. One needs not look very far for evidence with the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s pay to play agenda while Secretary of State, Obama’s blatant disregard for ethics or the law or the US Constitution as he paid Iran to release American hostages to get Iran to deal with the US while easing sanctions against Iran and urging world governments to do the same as Iran bought enriched uranium from the US under Obama’s watch. The ethics may look good when parading them before foreign governments while the US meddles in their private elections and their governments, engaging in coups and toppling government officials while arming rebel forces and creating rebels like ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda and ignoring pleas from the people in Islam-controlled country when they beg for US help as they did during the Arab Spring as women and men were arrested and gunned down in the streets. The US has no need to teach the world how to act when it has acted abominably for the past 100+ years.

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