B- who u r. It will lead u 2 what u to things U love, which makes u good at them, u will be happy, u will longer, u will exp more, see more & be more when u are u. Change a lot more- for better.

A sense of humor, I can’t sell u one. But the people surrounding me, the @@@@@ forced.

Why the hell should u ever stop doing something that brings u such joy.

I’ll never forget my father tell me while I was visiting him in Florida to stop prank calling.

“dad what am I supposed to do? Plus u can’t get in trouble it’s raining out.

I got a FB message from Ms Prank Call herself saying who is in her 60"s. She loves smoking & Casinos & a good guy to hustle. She’s my favorite. She fb Messages me -”I got a project for us” which is code for “I need ur help on this one”

A family that plays together stays together. Because this lady & I go back 40 yrs. playing jokes on people. That never gets old.

The people that say it’s not time or the place those r the people who follow the rules-& cap out at 40k

No Laughing through every part of your life. Cause the long bouts is negativity & sadness, won’t get u drugs. Don’t people know u don’t talk about drugs.

They don’t even know what the fun drugs are or were, they were busy training to be in HR,

The ones who r “paranoia” — star out a dark window for Fun. Or the “having a bad trip” — those people were fun. They wld scare the shit out of you, another form of I’ll being u down.

All the same its a personality type. Some have to really focus on staying negative.

Well all I can say is, people need to let people do their own thing. If their thing is still dng drugs at ur age that’s hilarious to me but, u can only be phone friends they r even unreliable being that kind.

I have a lot things that are fun for me. But, my thing is laughing my ass off often. I love working cause I love my work If I didn’t, I would find something i did.

This wld never be the case for a normal. Society told them the job makes them accepted person in society.

When they pay in school to do something they don’t really love, isn’t really fun & has the same schedule, same traffic & same types of responsible professionals.

A highlight is sharing together what happened last night on a show that is not even real. Rushing home to watch & care what happens on tv. I think of u more of a studied consumer. I think how much $ do u make because I’m gng to sell u something n make Sure

I can sing your cc every week somehow. I am aDie hard fan of mlm people. U have no idea what a natzi building their followers r like but, they will show u videos, tell u about the car, change your life & call u a year later -Trying to sell u aWhole new Product that the live By & or this is the only one n u will b rich. J.Hilburn didn’t shut their mill down

From a men’s shirt cause it looks good. They did it because of their selling platform.

U have the 9–5 people who love what they do-What’s next scoring a geoupon to the dentist? Or your limited yearly vacation, when sleeping in, getting drunk, laughing, leaving your city. Letting your dirty clothes pile up or God forbid an adventure.

I’ve been in my life a dancer, model, SAG actress, a horrible secretary, an assistant that sleeps on her bosses jets & cld always count on to forget your biz cards @ your most important moments. I started building businesses at 24. I’ll never stop. I’ve failed at mostly everything but, have never felt like a looser. I sought out every type of bad boyfriend u cld possibly date. I’ve had meeting with Mayors of cities in a brothel w/the Bellagio chefs cooking the food. #normal naked girls appearing after a doorbell wrang, dead stuff animals with antlers hanging everywhere & lets all rock a normal looking face like none of this shits weird. “Can u pass me that fork real quick” ??? No not my sanity the fork. Lol.

I often have times in my life where I still think, my life will never be normal. & I say God thank u so much.

I live a screenplay.

The people who call the black market bad. Why cause their is cash in it or some really fun drugs. What wld u do if u needed a kidney? U go on a list? Or a mission? Black market is never so black if trading your ambien u need to sleep runs out n u call a friend for some & she has it down to the 4.5 she has left. N leaves it for u on mailbox.

Those r the types whom never drove w/out a DL or called in a B threat to a work establishment cause u been up all night & your still high can’t go. Gotta figure that out as a kid growing up in Florida. Makes u creative & you’ll never need a pill to go to sleep. Your probably gng to die soon anyways wore yourself out.

I’m pro black markets, the underworld, Sugar Babies, smugglers, physics & products that are sold by Billy Mays. Nothing is funnier to me than a kid who’s totally bad, a wasted friend who’s 40 so drunk in public & stays out till 5am. Or I can call at 3 & say what r u doing & hear ah just some laundry or just went to the store on my scooter what’s up? I love a drunk dialer.

No it’s not a normal life, but it’s a pretty funny one. I’ve spent hours of my life helping people & Paying it forward.

Ive changed lives & I didn’t even have to tell the persons life I changed. I didn’t have to give her money public on a stage anywhere or have my logo on the step & repeat.

Cause it wasn’t about me & im not so down with fake smiles or acting like I care. “It’s for a great cause” I now know this is a good person.

Living for one year of a dating app. I had no choice & it was the best part time job ever. I don’t give a shit I’d my pictures On there. I spent 2 years on one, I never slept w/anyone.

But, I did take my left overs & feed the homeless people at the park. They didn’t think I was a hooker they know those bitches don’t eat $ goes 2 crack. It’s sad

Put their fingerprint on the world to make it a better place is what I’m about.

Have a problem hiding it. I will tell you like I tell my girlfriends. This shits helarious. The profiles w/the cheesy lines like- I

Will melt your heart. U think I

Care? I have no heart I’m here for

The steak. I have no doubt u love long walks on the beach, laberdoodles & Italian. Of course I believe ur net worth is 10mil. Cause u r so smart n normal u can’t even find one a coocoo crazy

One right outside the door to


With u for free. Melt away. You wizard. Now I am banned, the only one who actually didn’t bang the guys. Which is another Normal.

Another normal type. Im totally gay but in gng to get married & pretend I’m not. For my career. Rock that -cause we know by yr clothes bro right away, hair is big disguise. who fakes being gay its 2016.

What’s wrong with a girl who will tell u yes, I married him forThe money? Or I was paid, he’s from Brazil. Few, very few People are like. Your right I did it.

Im sure

I have I’m sure it sucked for

Me too. But u grow up & know who u are. I wld never have a Boss I didn’t feel was my dear friend, wld do anything for & was smartest most. Honest person that was loyal. I wldnt spend most of my life w/some asshole.

Don’t give other people time n yr life unless they deserve it. Do give people a dose of personality, because theirs plenty of people I’ve seen with about 4 of them. Those types don’t even tell you. They will just make your day hell & blame it on the rain.

It’s like potheads. They will be potheads till the end Of time. Willie Nelson -who gets arrested at the Swap Shop. What did he do? Buy some fake watch high?

He is a good egg, leave him alone.

How come we all grew up with the boy next door that ate the huge dog & somehow u r eating that shit too?

It never looked appetizing but, you had to. How about a feeling less child who put tacks on a Teachers chair, we all have friends that have gone federal prison, died of a Drug overdose, Is a transgender, still lives At home, if super famous, pretends they are something their not, is crazy, gay, illegal, is every color, is a swinger, killer, good person, is jealous of you.

Not me I’m a perfect mom, I have perfect husband & home. I don’t work I’m a

STAY AT HOME MOMMY- now these r the ones that put MLMs on the map. NUTS

Hey. It’s better than an office where I say put rum in your coffee cause it’s a long day in the cubical. Your never drinking alone you have social media. 7.5 hours a day is inspiring with all those quotes.

Honest. I will take a mans money but I always discuss with him before we get involved. Just how much can I take. I’m not gng to charge your credit card n hide it, I’m gng to let u know every week I’m scorching this much. I do love them & they know why, because they give me whatever I want. Why else wld I need a partner. I can

solo. Where no one fights over the remote cause u haven’t had a tv in 7 years. I have my computer where I hack into an old boyfriends Chanel’s & watch my recorded Lisa Ling specials.

Most people wouldn’t do that. But it’s like some people have to “work” for” a living. Thank God I’m not “most” people. Because I think ur like is more like a slave.

although I’ve played one during my dome phase. Eww dungeons or offices.

I don’t care I’m 40 years old, I am very honest about loving injectables, gambling w/other people’s money, thrift stores & crazy people.

I’ve always had a sense of humor. I’m a pranker. I’m also a wizard, an artist, true friend & im on earth to do good things. I’m physic, I am just a girl, who is a visionary, & loves paying it fwd.

Oprah says we all have a story. I think you only truly can be Who you are, when your story has enabled You to be who you are.

Has your life comes full circle? cause it will. Everything comes full circles. N gives you exactly who you are. What u are, what you have done & worse or better depending on you.

I studied design in college, I was a model/actress, I was such a boozer & grew up in SFL I’ve seen it all, I’ve worked w/coolest people, I was a worker, beatific girl, I began dating weathly men, they never looked old to me then n still don’t now, I was a good friend, I took care of the nerd & the underdog. I had gifts most kids don’t have & I was special.

Well at 40 my most favorite life I want & love to

Live is just beginning. I work in a creative world. I sell digital software for one top companies in world, I have a boss that is the best partner I’ve ever seen for myself I love dearly that years later brought into my life, my life has given me stories most don’t believe, I’ve seen every kind of person & I can read people no problem. I can sense what they are feeling, I still have no probes working around celebrities people are people to me, I still date wealthy old men, I am still a good person & I will always protect the under dogs, the so called ? The people who buck normal. Who want the world to be a better

Place &

Have a sense of humor.

The thing that people don’t realize is we all have parts of our life that r not pretty or we stuggle. It’s all how u handle it. It’s your choice. Survive, forget, why revisit it, growing & changing & getting older this is our journey. It’s a beautiful thing.

Find what makes u live u, for me it’s a sense of humor. I’ll stick with who I am.

I’m 40 -I’m Jaime -n I have friends or all kinds. Old ones r my fav, I’ll be their age

Acting like I’m not, I love my psychotic friends. They taught me I can get blackout drunk anytime I want & Next day Just say I wasn’t on my meds.

All These bitches like Sugar Daddy’s, other men’s $, gossip, casinos, bingo, pranking & finding a Deal or a drug dealer u never know.

Not all Have been mothers of their own but, have been Motherfuckers. Pretend they r wealthy n sell fake Chanel Jewelry.

People are a trip. As am I. Nothing to hide, lots to tell & teach & achieve in future. I will Never judge anyone in my life.

My life has come Full circle. I know who I am. It took a lot to get here & the journeys just began.


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