I have failed at pretty much everything I have ever did. But, I’ve never felt like a Looser. Most of all I have never failed at being myself.

Yourself- will always lead u to — THE CIRCLE — everybody’s life, everything in life comes full circle.

U will know when u get there. Because, it’s where u began. It mixes all your lessons, knowledge & all that you know together with your heart, your senses & your brain.

You will see your passions there & your favorite people. What’s important to u, is what should be.

Who you are & become are oddly unique & rare & most people think you have an agenda.

Your strength through your journey was impeccable & the universe gave you extremes of it all.

Your wizard brain is impossible to be seen. W/a heart that’s a little softer than before.

When you have gifts, use them. It’s like paying it forward.

“I did it because I knew i could & I knew the ones there could not. I didn’t have to but, I did”

We all all have to make the world a better place. Where do you put your stamp?