Where I hang my red blinking light in the window.

Let me just say ty MEDIUM I’ve been a reader & havnt not had time to stop by & write. But, I am a big fan & I love that u don’t have to see my degree. My because I quit Interior Design College , for a modeling contract.

I am actually blogless & waiting on my site to be done. I have much to discuss here today & I’m so glad I’m here. First of all I just feel so happy to be back in the creative world & Econmerce world this year. Ive realized I’m lost with out them. They are my passions & we can’t be apart.

I’ve been gone for a little while it’s a couple people I’ve seen back with me it’s a great time.

I’m still building my sites & platform linking creatives. I am basically going to need funding which I’ll struggle through but I have more work to do before do.

Ive been working for a little bit. On what’s next n Ive been through what my life’s like when I don’t have creatives or am creating building / building things. I know where I am, I think I’ve been here before. But I’ve bee wrong before.

These are all my passions. discovered the web in 2001 I was 25, I that year ordered or called n found my dog out of the paper. We also left notes back then. I had a desk to computer my new bf bought over for me & he always thought me things.

Such a good man, my first investor & Angel Guides me to this day. That year I have no idea how I ended up there on eBay but, I was there since the laser pen. That was long before Meg Whitman & eBAy live was just a happy bunch of freak show looking, people.

The climates of course have drastically changed in so many ways. But that was the where it all began for me & I certainly can understand it all now.

I had to utilize my little brain to strategize how the hell I was gng to get more stuff from vendors without a business licence. Lol Sounds terrible.

I had no business plan, I was, am & hate #s. I thank God worked since I was a kid in acting & modeling & I was also a dancer. So I made & always had $ then I of course found a bf w/more.

Humble man & I Between him being humble & How money doesn’t mean so much to me, it really wasn’t a huge deal when he gave me I think he was $60k I remember the paper invoices back then but, yes I again was just a kid.

My apartment I had $600 month & by the end of that year tripled the money & at times. I was spending a lot it, they wld now call that drilling yr businesses into the ground.

I told my bad I was putting it back in. at 24/25 shld it’s one thing or time u can actually live or exp. that & I had a great little ride that money lasted awhile.

But I know I had my living room was a warehouse w/over 40k merchandise. I sold crystal handbags & they were piled to ceiling.

I wa a part of a times that changed our US postal service system. N I was just glad I didn’t have to take all the boxes myself.

I can work myself to death these past year & now have been the most difficult years of my life. But I only do things I like, with people I like & I have a cpl factors that I need every day n my life to be happy motivated & using my creative & technial part of my brain.

U have to understand back then is nothing like it is now, It wasn’t easy to find vendors. I had to go through crazy shit to get there for some reason. I saw a lot of people do crazy stuff also like pretending they wee my housekeeper to get vendor lists. Or mine.

Let’s just say nothing was handed to me & I had also no idea either what would sell & if so, for how much.

Whats happeming currently in the climate is exciting & we have not been here in Many years. Eccomerce was or for me became I unsurvivable & when that happens it’s the party’s over.

It made me quit the band & I couldn’t travel like I did then. It’s why I sold games, tiny.

What Etsy is doing for their members is not only a blessing, but most of them don’t even have a clue about what people like myself & others we paved the highways their now selling on & it’s a fabulous thing.

I have not been over to meet the team but I will be & as well as I am using woot if their. Members. Part of my platform is dedicated to that. Which I was calling the rollingstones for awhile because it’s been hard alone.

So I bow down to the whole. Crew there. for this country & our American Manifavtures. Where they are not only linking designers to manufactures but they can order small & have prototypes built.

Where, I had seen the exact opposite happen for eBay. Their members were very passionate people. But Meg’s a businesswomen & I respect that as well.

I’m actually banned for life. Lol. Life, I paid that membership off with eBay fees long before but, I my heart had already moved on but, I’ve seen that distort people. No hard feelings, look the at least my life is always moving & changing. In order to stay alive & grow things change. The only reason get angry, hurt & upset, in life & this is with everything is because they havnt realized that time has now gone & it’s like a muscle that will keep you less bruised, beat up & broken hearted if you have your helmet on.

I met a lot of amazing great people through eBay that we’re a lot like the women in tech oh yea & the guys too. PayPal etc.

I’m so excited for the next few years were all going to see. I was gone for many years from not only my business stuff but, the arts & I had no idea how unhappy I was without them.

I’m an artist, designer, creative, Strategick thinking women. & what I’m gng to do here are great things for everybody as well as giving back.

Its a lot like supply & demand fulfillment for creatives.

I spent much, time, & on my mistakes in my 20"s. I learned everything the learned not through research but but testing things out. lol buying my hobbies or pretty stuff I liked to sell, clothing, oh video games from China where I wld also wire $

I did loose my main vendor at some point & it’s when I starting importing from China who ultimately was the death of me or that business. Meg hate to say for that community sent them the invitation.

I like the lady the few times I have met her she’s been very nice business isn’t personal & Megs a business women & her members were let’s just say very passionate people. She is very smart women & the founders were very good & intelligent people. She wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t & as much negative their was just as much good.

You have to understand Meg was developing strategies I am sure for expanding eBay into a global marketplace that although is a different animal than it used to be it’s still alive & its eBay. They couldn’t be what they are today without each other & nothing stays the same.

I like to look at everything if I look back & see things honestly & be thankful for the lessons I leaned & have made me into the women I am today.

I tend to go big or go home & it’s not by Choice it’s just my life. 20"s u still think you may be able to go up against China

I thought we were friends & but everybody is feeling their own at the end of the day it’s called business n I was just a kid. I lost more than u know & made some at times.

My BF I was with him for years & I coat him hundreds & thousands of $. Raising me has proved to nearly take any normal out. I tried to bring containers From other countries & buy horrible warehouses of clothes pallets of mistakes. I can’t imagaie me sleeping if I had a smartphone. At that time I don’t much now building things & coming back from literally the dead.

I had another business a few years laster that became a bit of a monster. When they go they go & when it’s over I’ve already fallen out of love.

Know when to hang up your boots & believe what you see. This worlds unpredictable. Place that makes me crazy with trying to write a business plan properly I have a couple parked at the moment because im creative business not numbers I am still building my team.

I am very excited to see the next chapter in my life. I’m calling all creatives I will be utilizing & promoting all of us. Stay tuned & reach out.

Ive been calling my platform

Magazine then it’s turned into THEROLLINGSTONES because I feel like we’re in a band. That’s cause their artist & their creating & that I do get.

I’m not sure MEDIUM if I’m much in the topic but I’ta What I got.

I hope I everyone is well out there & ✌🏻️


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