Can a flag be racist?
Michael Green

Racism and flags Pt. 2

June 19, 2015 (MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images)

A lot has happened in the world of flags since I wrote this first article. The June 17 shooting in South Carolina reignited the debate around the confederate battle flag. The shooter, Dylann Roof was shown around the world posing with multiple flags. In one picture, he wore a jacket with flag patches of South Africa during the apartheid and a Rhodesia. He also has pictures of him posing with the confederate battle flag.

My attempt at correcting the media. Wasn’t too successful.

Also, a lot of mis-information was published about the “Confederate Flag” that I tried to correct when I saw it. Now Mississippi is enveloped in debate about it’s use of the highly divisive symbol.

I think I pretty clearly stated my opinion about the issue in part 1 of this article but I wanted to add a bunch of links and videos that I have seen since. This post is really just going to be a lot of supplemental stuff that applies to this topic.


Always my go-to source of news. They did an incredible story about Mississippi and its design. If you watch anything, this is the one to see:


The second greatest thing that has come out of this is a rebranding proposal from 70kft. Their thoughtful ideas have really made me rethink the “design of the south” and the word “rebel”.

Not only is the design a great looking piece on multiple mediums, it does convey a sense of the south but in a much more modern way. I could see some northerners getting jealous and wanting a “brand” of their own.


Other than kicking the Aggies butt this past weekend, the “Rebels” (or whatever they call themselves this week) removed the State of Mississippi flag from their campus after a Student Senate vote.

More here :

I will update this post as more come in.