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Top Klout Recommended Experts To Follow

I don’t know about you but I am constantly looking for the best sources of news, insights, stats and opinions on social media influence. We have Kred & Klout as the front runners in measuring online influence. So from time to time I will be highlighting certain topics or communities to make sure we all stay up to date!

Even now years later I am checking my Klout and Kred and always trying to improve my influence. One thing I have always believed is being an online influencer is critical for being successful online. At least for me it as led to incredible rewards and a fantastic career.

Even my own social media agency Iboom Media A current look at Klout stats. Everyday you can login to your Klout account and measure and track which networks are contributing and which ones need a little extra care. So for example in my case below foursquare is at 1% so that would be my weakest link.

For this 1st topic of interest I figure why not start with the top 9 experts worldwide identified by Klout for the the topic Klout itself! I will try to get social media, social business, branding, innovation, blogging, personal branding and digital marketing for future articles.

Experts by topic

Let’s clarify what Klout means by ‘top experts’:

“Top experts represent those individuals or entities who have generated the most engaging content for a given topic in the last 90 days.”

I am a huge fan of Klout as a measure of influence, as I believe the recent buyout of Klout by Lithium for 200 million dollars provides valuable insights on thought leaders. I feel they are getting a much better read on social media profiles and the frequency of content. (Although some is no doubt automated)

  1. Ranking of top subject matter experts per topic
  2. Comprehensive list of social media profiles per user
  3. Key topics of expertise per user
  4. (For Example in the photo of my profile you can see what other topics Klout considers me to be an expert in) Business, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Google Plus, Influencer marketing and Klout. There are others infact up to 20 per person.

Top 9 KLOUT Experts

Klout identified over 2,900 experts on the topic as of 10/10/15
You will find below the top Klout experts to follow on social media. VIEW The Top 10 HERE

Click on each persons name and be sure to follow them on twitter or learn what do they have in common to reach the top 10.

2.9K experts identified by Klout for this topic.

Top Experts Recommended experts to follow.

1 82 Klout

2 81 Jose Antonio Antolín Estépar (Jota)

3 80 Cindy Capobianco

4 82 Steven Krohn

5 83 Zbynek Kysela

6 76 Linette Freire-Molina

7 83 Justin Matthew

8 81 Eduardo Meza-Etienne

9 84 Susan Gilbert

There will always be those out there that probably could have made the list and in some cases maybe deserve it. It is not a perfect science. But I do believe it is accurate.

All the people mentioned on this list are well worth following on social media -with the likes of Steven Krohn, Zbynek Kysela even I can drop some wisdom from time to time!

Justin Matthew coming in at #7 :)

I believe Klout most likely will always miss a number of authoritative experts who are less active, who interact on a limited number of social networks and who might not have large enough networks or time to simply get in front of enough people.

Top CEO Influencers on Social Media from IBoom Media

But that is the way it is with many things. Overall looking at this list of 9 and knowing half of them personally I feel pretty confident Klout has a great system!

Are you systematically using Klout to identify influencers and assess their strengths and interests? What about for your own?

Originally published at www.jmhhacker.com on October 10, 2015.