How to: Wolf down a 20 inch sub (for lunch)

Meatball sub from Al’s because I don’t have the one of the original challenge

Okay, by request of JMart, I am going to share my story of eating a 20 inch sub from Al’s, and teach everyone the secret. Actually, it’s not that interesting, but basically JM and I will sometimes split a 20 inch sub for lunch, but this time, I think he said something along the lines of “there’s no way you can finish all 20 by yourself,”… and then and there, the challenge was born.

The Challenge: Consuming a 20" Steak Bellino Sub (steak, onions, peppers) within 20 minutes* from Al’s, one of my favorite lunch spots in Boston.

Reward: Lunch is paid free, courtesy of JM, otherwise, lunch is on me.

Tips for success (made up by me and my many hours of watching Man vs. Food):

  1. Choose your sub wisely — I chose a hot sub because it’s clearly more delicious, and I’d enjoy it more. I also chose something that didn’t feature too much cheese, unlike my challenger, who chose Eggplant Parm, which has too much cheese… bad choice, JM.
  2. Pace yourself — Supposedly the longer you take, the fuller you feel, so make the most out of your first few moments with your food. I aimed to eat at least half of the sub within the first 5 minutes. Then, I could have the rest of the 15 minutes to focus on the second half. It’s like real exercise… almost.
  3. Drink sparingly — Water takes up space, and ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. Eyes on the prize — Imagine how good it will feel once you get your free lunch and get put on the imaginary hall of fame for completing the food challenge.

Here are two other food challenges that are (maybe) suitable for you and your office mates…

  • Saltine Cracker Challenge — Eat 6 saltine crackers in one minute, no water. Sounds easy, feels like a mouth full of saw dust.
  • Cinnamon Challenge — Down a spoonful of cinnamon in one minute, without water. Personally haven’t tried this yet, but my throat feels like it’s on fire just thinking about it.

What are your favorite food challenges?