Why Pro-Net Neutrality is not Anti-Free Market
Marcello E. Miranda

The graphic seems to imply that Time Warner merged with Comcast. In fact, it merged with Charter, with the hellspawn of that union being Spectrum. I have the misfortune to live in their service area.

The fact that Google has given up on fiber deployment is a hint as to which direction this debate will take. While the politicians are still dithering about net neutrality and and sucking in all the bribe money — er, lobbying and campaign contributions they can, internet service will be moving to a cell tower near you.

For me, that day cannot come soon enough. I’m tired of being captive to essentially unregulated local monopolies, and I’m tired of the US being the laughingstock of the developed world. Rumor has it that $30 in Paris buys passable internet… AND cable TV… AND cell service! My collective bills here in the states are ten times that, with very little in the way of upgrades.