I’m almost 40 myself.
Shondolyn Gibson

Her employer does far more than she does, and worked far harder to get where he is at, yet you believe he shouldn’t be successful? Wow.

Not to mention the money coming out of his pocket to JUST employ her. He pays half of her taxes, matches her medical (actually, I guess he pays all of it), pays for malpractice on her, pays insurance for the building she worked in, pays for the building worked in, pays taxes on that building, pays taxes for the furniture and supplies in that building, pays for the desk she sat at, pays for the supplies she uses for free, and, apparently, even pays for her to EAT like crazy at her job, for free!

Is she willing to front half of that, so that he can pay her a bit more? Or, is her inability to desire success his responsibility for creating his own success?

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