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Kristyna Zapletal

To All Those Who Worry About Plagiarism and Idea Copying

Here’s the thing — while we should not respect someone who plagiarizes others in any way — the truth is that a copyist is not a creative. A true creative will always benefit more from their original work and the body of work they produce than a copyist.

Copyists are to be ignored and given the internet being what it is — there is no meaningful way to address the problem completely. If you create content that is easy to copy, then it will be copied. If you create something that forms it’s own moat around itself because of specific qualities and unique differentiation — then you won’t have to be concerned about the copying. Instead, your work will stand on it’s own as a body.

Whether or not you can monetize your work and make it the backbone of your business depends on the same things — is it unique and differentiated enough and valuable enough to merit payment for.

The fact that a person researches something for hours and then produces a review of their research does not create a huge moat in reality. The research is time consuming but people aren’t really paying for the time. They are merely paying for the result. Market research in general is a little too easy these days, thanks to the internet, to merit a very large amount of compensation. Arguably — a well designed artificial intelligence could do all the market research and automatically generate listicle after listicle. Maybe I’ll suggest that to an AI researcher. That would be a business with a solid moat around it — the moat of speed.

Anyway — best of luck to everyone. I don’t wish plagiarism on anyone — but if you are creative enough — it won’t really matter in the end.


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