Karma, god or a bullet train?

Mistakes will be had. Failure will be attempted.

When things break there is an urgency to fix them, much like the need to know. I am no different, as my discerning nature tries hard to thwart mystery. And it is supposedly the unknown(s) in life that propel us forward as we seek answers or to unveil their very nature. This I disagree with. Human beings seek to elicit, understand, and deconstruct the unknowns through passion, curiosity, and a stubborness unique to a sentient being who’s functionality relies on emotion and social context. For instance, I may not know exactly what the future holds, but I do know when karma surfing the bullet train of life I must do three things:

  1. Ask.

It is as easy to be passive as it is to be aggressive, but the true art of life is asking for what you want, want to know, or care to have access to. If you rely on prayer, wishes, and status to give you what you want you will subsequently miss the bullet train propelling the curious and passionate towards success.

2. Take.

I don’t mean take as in steal or take as in the scurrilous nature of rumor, lies, and accusations. I mean take as in make it happen. Absorb all the knowledge you have to in order to be great at whatever you want to do. Shake hands and kiss babies. Find that sweet spot where you can be a primer to a new innovation, technology, or simple piece of cultural knowledge befitting to your social group(s). Become who you want to be by taking on new challenges and leaving dusty naysayers behind. Take the world.

3. Reflect.

My friends and I were at brunch a few weeks back when one of them said, “God is just a karma machine.” Immediately I thought of two things as I burst out in laughter at this hysterically astute assumption and/or observation.

First and foremost, you can’t escape what is in you but you can question its sincerity. In other words, the machinations, regrets, reactions, and emotive impulses that many folks embrace and utilize to excuse their behaviors are bullshit. Just because you felt that way or like doing that thing does not justify the action. You are better off questioning the sincerity of the synaptic pulse before acting. Don’t just think, internally debate or reflect before doing.

Secondly, reflection can be as miserable as it is beautiful. Therefore, find the right environment and person to reflect with or upon. Don’t get hung up on being strung up. We all do shitty things that we try to pray away, wish we hadn’t done, or excuse as “just me” and bound to be karmically repaid. Instead, reflect upon that moment and find out why you took that action because the only thing that matters on the karmic bullet train of life is resolution and contentment with self.

It’s cliche, but if you find yourself you’ll certainly unlock the unknowns. So, simply ask, take, and reflect.

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