How To Sponsor SFI Affiliates?


I assumed you have learned about the SFI affiliate system, and how it works. Sponsoring other SFI affiliates under you, is as easy as sending out an email message, or posting a one line of text on your social media.

But, for the new affiliates, it may not be that easy.

To qualify for this, you MUST be an affiliate yourself!

First, why do you need to sponsor SFI affiliates?

You need to sponsor them, because they will be under you, and you will be their team leader. You will teach them what to do, to make money online in a legitimate way. You will teach them how to sponsor other affiliates, how to create, list and market their own products and services, how to promote other people’s products and services, and so on…

In whatever they do for themselves, you get a share of up to 40%, depending on what they sell or buy on the TripleClicks store.

You see now why you need a team of affiliates?


This is where this post comes in!

You can learn how to locate your personal gateway, which is your SFI affiliate link in a very easy way. Instead of going to your SFI affiliate center, you can simply modify the links in this post, and there you go!

To sponsor SFI affiliates, there are many ways to do this. You can do this by sending your SFI sign up links to your friends. You can send the link through email, blog post, print it on a business card, or through your social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

But, where is my affiliate link?

This is very simple. Just modify the link below, by replacing the ID with your real SFI ID, and that’s it!

Your Gateway or affiliate link is: ID


The example above is for my personal welcome page to the SFI system. If you click on it, you will be taken to my personal welcome page. There, I will welcome you to the SFI affiliate system. If anyone signs up using that page, they will be my Personally Sponsored Affiliates — PSAs.

The same thing will happen, if you replace my SFI ID (12717361) with your own SFI ID. When someone clicks your link, they will be taken to your welcome page.

You can try this yourself, and see your own picture (If you have uploaded one), and the time you have been in the SFI system.

That’s it my friend! Start sponsoring your own SFI affiliates as soon as you can.