To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
Laura Munoz

Hideous but all too familiar tale of immature males

The answer, solution – well – there’s a line in the Outkast song ‘Hey Ya’ – ‘only bein honest’ the singer sings.

And therein lies the playground excuse. Which any intelligent body says ‘think twice – it’s your dick talking – jerk’

but it’s only too easy for somebody who likes stroking their pleasure zones (a kind of proxy masturbation really) to continue with the thought that porn TV ain’t fantasy.

The ‘rape room’ thing …. and the cup-cake thing … macho gang dynamic, and macho.

Though … continuing – the rape-room ‘joke’ while you were there – avoid those children huh. Unless you partake in rough-house humour with them about other subjects.

Cause to me, that joke don’t work on funny level. It’s just a bad pass

Hmm. Wished I hadn’t started this now

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