This has nothing to do with sensible and practical — this has to do with people like the original…
Tom Ritchford

I wrote what I wrote cause I wondered how dare someone be so censorious. So horribly self-righteous. So ‘I’ve got the moral-high-ground I crap toothpaste’.

As for your latest …

‘You’re a liar – I don’t believe you’ said Bob Dylan when he was called Judas for adding to his sound.

The ‘I don’t believe you’ bit was Mr D thinking further, thinking how could this person presume to speak for him. It’s a bit how I’m thinking now, chum.

You don’t know me. Your poor little mind (and it is, cause it’s not got past assumption) says I am cash-rich/money-rich.

You’re wrong, I’m not.

You think I am cause I wrote a letter of support for somebody, and you believe that person is rich and therefore you reason, I must be.

Rich people stick together, don’t they? Do you hate rich people – think they’re vulgar?

Here’s the news cut-your-wrists-open-to-show-how-good-you-are:

hating the rich hating the poor is the same thing. Hate.

‘I have friends who are homeless’ why’dya even write that? To prove you’re holier than ME?

‘When was the last time you hung out with someone who’s (sic) household income was less than 50k’

All the f’in time, brimstone preacher because I have not earned anything like that in any year of my working life

Here’s a bit of truth about people who ain’t doing so well. We truck along. We want to be doing better. Cause it’s better to have a bit of spare. Here’s another bit of truth. We think people who speak for us are either politicians or have got some fix going.

In your case, maybe you’re just an angry young man.

Here’s another truth Star Wars is fiction.

George Lucas wrote it cause it was a story he wanted to share. Pity you weren’t there to tell him US citizens didn’t want to hear it cause space travel is only available for astronauts.

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