Honest question: You’ve seriously never wondered about that?

Wonderful article.

A pity about some of the responses, from those who’ve let their dreams wither a bit, and have joined the critics of fun. I suppose we can draw a positive thought: they spent time reading good words. Great pity about the baby directly above. Reverting to infantilism – name-calling – presumably via resentment – your possession of intellectual freedom.

What I particularly got from your thought was not so much about the fun countries – as the possible poison to the spirit of living in a clockwork country.

I’ve lived in the UK all my life. For some here, a train being ten minutes late, a restaurant meal not being like their mother made, or being served by someone with the trace of a foreign language is a sign of the end of civilisation.

It does bring to mind the spaceship residents in the movie ‘Wall-E’.

Fact: In clockwork countries lots of people live unnatural clockwork lives where everything is same old same old – because the world is – isn’t it – their clockwork has found.

They have not considered the old saying ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and wondered of its application to the self.

Thanks Ben, you gave this old *twat* lol a poke