Carmelo Anthony as at 26/7/17

Where will he go?

Despite reports as early as the 9th of July that New York and Houston had come to some form of agreement to get Carmelo to the Rockets; he is a New York Knick. Now, @JSports_ent may still be correct (and my lord he has backed his word up in an honourable fashion since) but why 17 days after such bold claims were made is he not in Houston?

Carmelo Anthony has made is well known through his people that Houston is his top and maybe only priority as a destination. The reasons for stagnation have reportedly included: Ryan Anderson’s contract, not enough assets in Houston to trade to New York, Portland pulling out as a third team to pursue Anthony in their own bid for the 33-year-old offensive maestro, OKC circling Anthony and his people, Kyrie Irving requesting a trade out of Cleveland, Brandon Knight tearing his ACL, and Ryan Anderson’s contract (so f****d it gets 2 goes).

The listed reasons for pause in New York’s newly formed front office (props to the soothing Scott Perry — go listen to that guy’s voice) are all legitimate, but Anderson’s horrible remaining 3yrs and $60million is the main issue. Today though, the Portland Trailblazers traded Allen Crabbe to the Brooklyn Salary Dump’s (Nets) for Andrew Nicholson. This may pave the way for a three-way trade between New York, Houston, and Portland. Can Portland really be willing to take on Anderson? The Knicks would be hoping so.

So, after the clusterf*** of the past 17 days of Melo Twitter watching nonsense, here is my simplest trade machine to round this piece out and end all this nonsense for my beloved Melo.

Jack McCulloch

So simple, too simple :(