Where to from here?

A post NBA Draft look into potential moves for the New York Knicks leading into the 2017/18 chase-for-second-place-to-the-Golden-State-Warriors (better known as the NBA season)

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The 6"6 Strausbourg point guard Frank Ntilikina was a relieving draft choice by Phil Jackson, who had stirred up an unnecessary s***storm in the Big Apple. Phil, not unknown to media mishaps, lead sources to believe in the 24 hours leading into the draft that Kristaps Porzingis (YES! The same 7'3 unicorn the league has never seen finally a light at the end of an extremely poorly lit tunnel known as the New York Knicks) was available at the right price. “We’re listening” echoed in the heads of Knicks fans for a sleepless night before the draft (literally me). In Phil’s typical Zen Master style, this could be interpreted in a thousand different ways. And that is exactly what the NY media did. They ate Phil and the Knicks alive, again, like always.

BUT (sorry for the monthly Phil media s***storm side story) Frank Ntilikina was the 8th overall pick for Phil and the Knicks and this is where it leaves NY:

  1. KP is the cornerstone, and the Knicks will continue to bring in pieces that suit him (Ntilikina). Media cry about players fit with the triangle being a waste of time, maybe rightfully so, but the way I see it is how players fit with Porzingis. Phil is probably happy the media bash the triangle while he slowly but surely adds pieces to a KP-driven lengthy 3-point shooting machine.
  2. Derrick Rose is a mystery. Here’s why: His monetary commands? His defence? His shooting? None of these fit the before-mentioned KP machine. As crazy as it is though, if the money is under $10million per year and he takes lead guard pressures away from Ntilikina in his first season or two, is he that bad of an option? Mystery.
  3. Owner James Dolan doesn’t like what Phil is doing and FIRES HIM BY JULY 2017!
  4. Lastly, they need to move Melo, for anything, in no case should a player of Carmelo Anthony’s calibre be bought out, find a deal for whatever and in the cities surrounding New York (CLE, WAS, BOS, BKN lol but srs) and deal him.

In conclusion, no matter what the Knicks do, or how they go in next season, they are always going to be relevant. Case and point — As this is written, a #wojbomb occurs!