How A French Bank is Changing the Game in Co-creation Forever

OpenUp by BNP Paribas

At Stringcan, we know technology makes people’s lives better, solves problems and allows us to dream about an amazing future. More than a year and a half ago, BNP Paribas brought Stringcan on board to project manage, consult and help launch their open innovation technology platform OpenUp. We knew from day one this new partnership was based on a common vision and approach focused on creating a better future through open innovation and transparency.

Our partnership with BNP Paribas has evolved into a very close working relationship and was apparent when I was invited to demo the new OpenUp platform on stage. I joined Marwan Naami the Innovation Manager, Start-up Program Lead at BNP Paribas on stage at the fintech conference SPEND earlier this year.

If you have interacted with Stringcan over the last 3 years in Paris you know we are vocal advocates of the French startup ecosystem as an extension of our focus on new technology. That’s why we have been so passionate about the OpenUp project.

The OpenUp platform, which launched in April, is an open innovation tool that allows startups from around the world to directly interact with BNP Paribas business lines globally. One of the issues I have been most vocal about is the need for corporations to embrace the startup revolution and co-create — it’s good for corporation, it’s good for startups and it’s good for consumers. To this point, OpenUp is the most transparent digital approach to open innovation I’ve seen by a corporation. Why?

Never before has a multi-national corporation the size of BNP Paribas made it so easy and seamless for innovative startups to connect with the correct person within their organization so a partnership can be quickly explored.

Not only has this platform begun to revolutionize the way startups collaborate with the bank, it’s changing the way the bank thinks about solving challenges and capitalizing on opportunities. Now business lines can post technology projects directly on the platform. These projects are then automatically sourced to relevant startups from around the globe with the goal of finding the best most innovative solution possible.

This has been an exciting project and we look forward to collaborating with BNP Paribas as we continue to evolve the OpenUp platform and co-create a better banking experience for everyone.

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