Claiming STATE Tokens

5 min readOct 16, 2021

This time we bring you a step-by-step guide to obtain STATE tokens necessary for our Testnet faucet via, with Twitter and Telegram APIs.

The first thing we must do is configure our non-custodial wallet as Metamask with our Testnet, to obtain a valid address where to receive the STATE tokens.

For this, remember to configure your wallet with the following parameters:

Network Name: ParaState


Chain ID: 123

Currency Symbol (Optional): STATE

If you have any questions about this, you can read our post Using Metamask to access ParaState’s TestNet to make the correct configuration in your Metamask wallet.

1.- Obtaining STATE Tokens via Telegram API

One of the easiest ways to obtain STATE tokens is by interfacing with our ParaState Faucet group through simple commands.

The first thing you should do is to join the official ParaState group on Telegram through the following link:

Click on “Join Group”

Then you must join the ParaState Faucet Telegram group through the following link:

Click on “Join Group” to join

Once joined, as a first step, it is necessary to copy our Metamask wallet address to receive 1 STATE token every 24 hours.

Then type in the text field (write a message) the following command line:


Add a space and add your Metamask address there to receive the STATE tokens:

Click submit (blue icon) or press the ENTER key. If you did not join the ParaState group on Telegram, you will see a warning that you must join the group in order to receive the STATE tokens:

If you did it as recommended, this message will not appear on your ParaState Faucet group screen. On the contrary, you will receive a confirmation message of the sending STATE tokens:

You can verify the shipment with the /balance_state command with its Metamask address like this:

You can still go to your Metamask wallet and verify your account. You will notice that your balance has increased by 1 STATE token.

With these simple steps, you can now get STATE tokens every 24 hours for the ParaState test network. If you try to get additional tokens before this time, the telegram bot will give you a warning that it cannot do so.

2.- Obtaining STATE tokens via the Twitter API

Through Twitter it is also possible to receive STATE tokens. To do this, you must first follow the ParaState account on this social network through the following link:

ParaState (@_parastate) / Twitter.

Then write in your browser the following link to our faucet via the Twitter API:

Home | Faucet (

Once on the web page, you will see an interface like this:

You will see that there is a blank field that says “Enter Tweet URL”. There we will introduce our link to the tweet that we must send from our official Twitter account following the following parameter:

A message + Mention the ParaState Twitter account + our Metamask receipt address.

Following the previous recommendations, we go to our Twitter account and proceed to write our tweet like this:

Now that we have sent our Tweet, we must copy the respective URL. To do so, you must click on your tweet and copy the respective address from your web browser.

If you have trouble doing it, you can check out this official Twitter guide:

With our URL copied, we proceed to return to the ParaState Faucet website. In the blank field, we paste our URL and click on the green “Get STATE” button.

Wait for the blue bar that indicates the progress of sending tokens to your Metamask wallet to fill, along with a confirmation message in the upper right of the screen.

Similar to the interface with Telegram, you can only claim 1 STATE token every 24 hours. If you try to do it before that time, a message will appear, indicating that you have reached the limit.

Now you can verify that the balance in your Metamask wallet has increased by 1 STATE token.

If you still have doubts with our step-by-step guide, you can check our video on YouTube so that you can visualize the process in a short of just 3 minutes!

The ParaState Faucet — YouTube

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