Collaboration Opportunities with JMoon Technologies

JMoon Technologies Pvt Ltd. is focusing on growth this year, with addition of new products on RoboRium, launch of new initiatives under JMoon MakerSpace, start of our own robotics R&D under JMoon Labs, and upcoming changes to MakerMandi.

This year, we are also looking to collaborate with startups, colleges, co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators that focus on electronics hardware, as a way to spark interest in the fields of robotics, internet of things, wearables, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Here are some of the ways JMoon is looking to collaborate:

With Entrepreneurs
We’re inviting entrepreneurs who have an idea in the field of robotics, internet of things, wearables, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, distributed internet, or other app based solutions to use the resources available at JMoon MakerSpace and convert their idea into a product. Entrepreneurs can build their prototype, get feedback from the makers in the community and then improve, pivot or launch their product, with our team helping out every step of the way.

With this incubation program, entrepreneurs can get free unlimited access to the makerspace and work on their prototype using all the available resources. The developed prototypes get listed on MakerMandi (moved from to to find early-adopters from the maker community and get their immediate feedback. Those who need extra helping hands, can invite interns and members of the makerspace to join their vision. The incubated startups also enjoy a 5% discount on prices of products from RoboRium. In return, the entrepreneurs can choose to give away a very small portion of their company’s equity (5%) or share their skills and knowledge with the maker community through workshops and classes at the makerspace. Entrepreneurs can also choose to get our help to create business plans and raising funds (a process that can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, which is precious time that could be used for improving the product) by reaching out to investors in the startup ecosystems of India and Silicon Valley for the required funding, so they can take their prototype to production. Founders of JMoon may also choose to invest in the incubated company at the seed stage.

With Startups
If you are a startup working in the electronics hardware space, working on building your own products, teaching in schools/colleges, etc., you can get up to 10% discounts on the listed prices of RoboRium, if you choose only us for supplying all your future needs of electronics and tools. Get in touch on

With Colleges, Co-Working Spaces, Incubators and Accelerators
If you need help with dedicated lab setup for a makerspace, fabrication lab, startup incubator, or a student R&D lab, get in touch with us on for the best prices and continued support. This may be a new lab or an existing one that requires an upgrade. The setup fee ranges from INR 5 to 25 Lakh, depending on the tools required, with free 1 year support and warranty on all our products.

When you need parts beyond the setup tools, we will provide a 10% discount on the listed price of RoboRium when the order amount exceeds 25 Lakh.

In colleges that collaborate with us, during each vacation period of the institute (Winter/Summer), we select student interns for various technical development, marketing, and R&D posts, where they work on live client projects and gain valuable skills and experience.

With Student Teams
If you are a student team building robots for competitions and regularly use the products available on RoboRium, you could get up to 10% discount on all your orders after an MoU is signed. Contact

If you can’t find an international product on, suggest that product to us. If we add that product to our website based on your suggestion, you could get up to 15% discount on your next order of that product.

With Maker Spaces
If you are planning on opening up a new makerspace, and think any of your interests align with what we are known for — robotics, home automation, internet of things, wearables, 3D printing, or cosplay — then you can become the head of your very own JMoon MakerSpace in your city.

The location of the makerspace must belong to you or you should at least have permission from the owner to use their home/ office/ garage/ rooftop/ warehouse as a makerspace. Its not necessary for you to have access to all the tools, because when needed we will bring in all the tools and materials you’ll need for the makerspace. Any materials required for sale or use at the makerspace will be handled by We keep the earnings from the sales of products, and 7% of the membership fees. You can use the earnings of the makerspace from membership fee and services (like workshops, 3D printing, prototyping services, etc.) for growth, running expenditures, pocket-money, or any other way you see fit.

If you already have a makerspace, we can help you setup the electronics hardware you need. You can store all the electronics from RoboRium in a dedicated area (of size ranging from a cupboard to a room) of your makerspace and sell RoboRium’s products directly to your members. You will get a 7% discount on the purchase of any products from our store.

For any queries, reach out to us on