Radical Idea: “Gamifying” Your Business
Ryan Fletcher

I was actually thinking about this since my wife and I moved here recently. I left education recently to support my wife’s goals. I am starting real estate and have been thinking the path I should take. Where we now live, the town has moved from the 14th largest city in the state to the 7th in a matter of 4 years. Lots of development. But as I survey the changes and the 30 year plan the city has proposed, I don’t see much diversity. The companies building these mega complexes tell us all the wonderful things they have to offer. But that’s only if you have lots of money to give them. Fair enough. But what is unfortunate is that they are not giving in any other way to the community. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to educate and support the lower income housing communities with material and classes to remodel their homes. Everybody wins. If you have an ideas how I might explore this idea and others, let me know.