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Hi Bobby,

I am on a plane and have a few minutes before we land so my apologies for the short reply. If you are ever in Dallas, I would be happy to have a deeper/longer conversation.

I think the end of your last reply touches on a core — maybe the biggest issue (I touch on this in an interview with John Ziegler on Sunday that may be worth a listen). ‘Entertainment and Enlightenment’ is who and what The Glenn Beck Rado Program is; but Glenn is Glenn and everything he does can not have the same goals and objectives. Everything we do has shared values and a pretty specific compass, but if ‘everything’ we did (remember, I am not just talking theblaze, we do lots of things and will do a lot more over time) had the same goals, objectives and definitions of success; there would be no reason to do any more than just one of them.

Why theblaze was created does not matter anymore; but why it exists does.

What we are working through and taking very specific steps to try to make our way there is for TheBlaze to be more than it was and more than what it ever hoped; but that goes back to defining what success is……

The reason that I think the meta of conservative media is so important to me as an overall topic to engage with (basically with anyone who is willing) is that of size, scope and impact. For this point, I will leave it there and ask if you will consider listening to my interview with John. We covered a lot of ground.

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