Thank you for this thoughtful perspective.
Natalie Ponte

Hi Natalie,

I work for Glenn. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I can assure you, what you bring up, is something we discuss a lot. When Glenn wrote this — he was talking to himself first. We try to have as many conversations as we can with people from ‘the other side’. You may be surprised by who Glenn interviews, who he considers friends, how he thinks (or you may already know). One thing that we know is a problem is language and word choice. They matter. To both sides. How can I, as a conservative, communicate in a way that does not viscerally offend when I am making a passionate defense of someting I believe? It is hard to find those right words when you don’t even know which ones are the ones that matter to people. It is hard. And frankly, we have more questions than answers. We went to Facebook becuase we are always willing to talk to people to learn. Thank you for reading with an open mind.

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