There is a famous quote by Alexander Graham Bell “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”. The quote holds significance in everybody’s life particularly that of students. For learners, it is important to indulge in rigorous training and practice to become eligible for success. There is a lot of toil and dedication required to get the desired results. Thus, for a student education is a weapon that shields him or her against any odds in life and helps him reach the pinnacle of success. But, educating self requires discipline and sincerity.

One of the institutions that understand the pivotal role of education in a child’s future is Jodhpur National University that started a couple of years back with an aim to spread world-class education across the state of Rajasthan. With hard work and dedication of the management, staff and students, today, the University has made its name at the national level. And it is now amongst the best private Universities of the country.

The varsity produces professional leaders year after year after getting trained by the faculty that has wide experience and knowledge. The professors at the institution believe that it is not just the bookish and theoretical knowledge that makes one educated in a real sense. A student requires practical exposure to deal with day-to-day real life situations. Thus, the University provides practical training to all the students by involving them in the following activities:

· Live-Projects

· Summer Internships

· On-the-job Trainings

· Market Surveys

Thus, education does not only mean conventional education that involves just the concepts and facts. But, education in true sense means learning skills that are essential for life. Thus, the University not just provides a formal college education to its pupils but also prepares them for a lifetime.

Also, there are regular guest lectures and workshops where the renowned names from all walks of life visit the campus. Also, such guest faculty shares their experiences and provides tips to the learners for better guidance. Students get to know new and innovative ways of doing and learning things thereby developing their imagination and thinking.

Therefore, it can be said that Jodhpur National University truly follows that Education is necessary to succeed in life and without education the foundation of a student’s future remains weak.

To know more about the University, admission process, fee-structure, seat availability, courses, etc. visit the website or call the toll-free number.

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