Placement Scenario in Jodhpur National University

Placement facility is one of the major concerns almost every student has while getting enrolled to an institution. Placements help students to stay motivated and also keep them focussed to their respective goals. Jodhpur National University focuses on discovering real strength of its pupils so that they can be placed appropriately. All the career oriented aspirants are assured the best placements to encash their knowledge to the real life experiences.

The University possesses one of the most creative and thoughtful leaders. At JNU, the passion of grooming leaders is not only for the professionals but also for the ones who have values and respect for their culture. The university up brings aspirants in such way that they can represent themselves effortlessly. In order to place great number of aspirants the university has taken initiative to invite large number of reputed companies and recruiters.

The sole mission and endeavour of the Jodhpur National University is to intensify the process of gainful employment for its contrastive and hand working learning population for entry-level jobs as well as mid-career level employment opportunities, compliment and equivalent with their personal and academic profiles. These todays’ scenario, companies seek for the employees who are job-ready for employment.

The ones who get recruited are expected to be well known with employable skills appropriate for respective sectors. Taking this scenario into account, the university has built its strategies to enhance the employability factor of the students by imparting training before they get interviewed to lessen their anxiety level.

Jodhpur National University has been flourishing in this field to provide best opportunities to its students so that they don’t have to strive for employment outside the campus.

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