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LeBron James ($7)

Karl-Anthony Towns ($4)

Khris Middleton ($2)

Mike Conley ($2)

Avery Bradley ($1)

If you’re gonna have any chance vs the Warriors, you have to have length and defenders at almost every position who can switch on anything. LeBron, Towns, and Middleton can all do that. Avery Bradley, to a lesser extent, can switch on most picks as well and is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league; and Conley is at least competent defensively. This team can also spread the floor and run a nightmare of a p-n-r or pick and pop with LeBron and Towns, both of whom also have a post game. Bradley, Middleton, and even Conley complement that nicely with their ability to spread the floor with their jump shot. Conley is also a smart pg who can take the reins from time to time and run p-n-r with either LeBron or Towns. Lastly, every single one of these five is at least an average 3-pt shooter.

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