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We are hardwired to imagine and to be pulled into good stories. Think of a time when you heard someone’s story and didnt feel, in some way, connected to that person.

Think of the last time you read a good book — a page-turner you couldn’t put down, one that kept you up late at night and made you lose complete awareness of your surroundings. This is how compelling a well-constructed narrative can be, and science has put a much finer point on how stories can change our beliefs and behaviors.

In a 2015 scientific study, participants were brought into…

It’s that easy to start a nuclear war

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It’s 1962, at the height of the Cold War. The United States Air Force is on high alert.

American spy planes have identified Soviet missiles under construction in Cuba, just 100 miles from the US. Tensions begin to mount as both sides watch for signs of an impending strike.

On October 22, US armed forces are placed on DEFCON 3, with President John F. Kennedy under pressure from his military commanders to strike first — the Cuban Missile Crisis has begun.

On the night of Oct. 25, a guard at a Duluth…

It’s the loss of a future we were looking forward to.

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I’ve competed in races and national sporting events, climbed mountains, and trained with the most formidable athletes. I’ve had my share of both physical and mental pain. Yet few things have knocked me off my steady emotional axis like a breakup. Some friends of mine are the same, whether they were the ones breaking up with someone or whether it was an unwanted breakup, for them, a breakup comes with serious emotional whiplash and deep trauma. …

10lbs later here’s how I started

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I love a good sweat. There are few things more satisfying to me than a sprinting session or a strength class.

I’m not an adrenaline junkie, but I feel good when I push myself. It also helps that I’m intrinsically motivated to work out. But here’s the kicker: I struggle to be consistent. Working from home as I do requires considerable self-discipline and willpower, otherwise I’ll sit binge watching tv shows all day.

Unfortunately, it feels like a lot of the willpower I need to exercise consistently is used up during work hours.


Wondering what’s happening to the billions of face masks the world is using?

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You don’t have to look far to read stories about the positive environmental impact of the lockdown: pollution-free air, dolphins swimming in clean canals, oceans devoid of cruise ships, skies clear of planes. The list goes on. But we are truly mistaken if we think these signs of optimism are even close to offsetting the waste we have produced during lockdown.

The scourge of single-use plastic

For over six months, people around the world have been using single-use face masks every day, and the mountain of discards is piling up. …

How women undermine themselves with words


My friend, Joey, whom I’ve known since college, refers to himself as a businessman. Sometimes I fantasize about introducing him to my friends using air quotes. You know, like, “This is Joey, he’s a businessman.”

This would mostly be in retaliation for something he said a couple of years ago during a conference we were both attending. Joey introduced me to some of his colleagues, told them about my project, and said that it came with “a little logo”. Although I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be demeaning, I was hurt and angry. The…

I’m Not Sure I’m Ready to Leave My House

Now that our world is emerging from its three-month coma, I’m anxious. No, I’m terrified — not just about the consequences of a premature reopening, but also about adjusting to life outside my house.

Like most of us, I’ve been confined in my home for months. Over time, the things that tethered me to San Francisco — all the amazing places and activities the city has to offer — slowly frayed and finally broke.

My home became my cocoon. I took a nosedive into self-care — exercise, dieting, meaningful connection — all from the comfort of my home. The pandemic…

Here’s What You Might Have Missed

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If you’ve been focused on COVID news or like me, avoided media completely then you may have missed some headlines:

Scientists have found enigmatic bone circles made from mammoth bones that could explain how early man survived the ice age — Archaeologists from the University of Exeter found 51 lower jaws and 64 individual mammoth skulls were used to construct the walls of the 30ft by 30ft structure. The bones were over 20,000 years old. The structures may have been dwellings which helped our ancestors survive their hostile environments during the last ice age.

Tornadoes raged through Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas,Georgia…

It’s Not Coming Anytime Soon.

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I promised my overwhelmed brain I wouldn’t read or write about coronavirus for a while. But, whether you’re in a Zoom family catch-up or a work meeting, the conversation inevitably turns to COVID. I’m only interested in listening when the topic of a vaccine comes up.

This is when doom and gloom give way to hope and real solutions. And, because I believe wholeheartedly in science, I’m fully invested in these types of conversation. They often have a very comforting tone because they suggest that a vaccine is on the horizon. …

Unless You Have Bibliophobia

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Phobophobia — Fear of Fear Itself — I can relate to this one, I mean fear is a big emotion.

Anatidaephobia — Fear of Being Watched by a Duck — Ducks can be creepy.

Panophobia — Fear of Everything — Isn’t this every parent?

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia — Fear of long words — Are you kidding me?

Arachibutyrophobia — Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of Your Mouth — Seems fair, surefire way to suffocate.

Autophobia — Fear of Oneself — When you see yourself first thing on a hungover sunday morning, tell me you don’t…


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