Companies make billions of dollars off the well being of others. Could any of those health issues be reversed?
Your Time Is Limited: Why Your Health Is More Important Than You Think
Willie Gillis

You are so spot on in your article Willie! I loved your entire article because this is exactly what I try to help people to realize day after day after day in not only my personal life but as in my Business as well. “ Our Health should be #1 in our lives!” This is NOT selfish at all, it should be everyone’s #1 Top Priority!

You nailed it Willie when you mention the above highlighted title, that “ Companies make billions of dollars off of The well-being of others.”!

This is called “ BigPharma”. Drug companies spend Billions alone just on “schmoozing” Doctors into having them write “THEIR Toxic Prescription pills” to their patients, while giving Doctors a Huge Incentive to write for them as well. Doctors are given a “ financial kickback” every time they Prescribe “Their” Toxic Medication. This extra money the Doctors make from doing so, helps Supplement their income because they’re not making enough money now a days in their routine practices due to Insurance Companies dictating how much they will pay back to the Doctor. For example: When a Doctor sees a patient in their office, let’s just say he changes $250.00 for that visit to your insurance company. Well, the Insurance companies, depending on the insurance type, will only pay the doctor back, say for instance $150, even though the initial charge the Doctor charged was $ 250.00. (This is just an example) So here in my example, you can see how the insurance companies dictate how much they will pay back the Doctor for any office visits, procedures, or even hospital stays or surgeries. Medical insurance companies are now dictating what they will pay the doctors, the doctors are at Mercy to your insurance company. (As a matter of fact, You are as well! Depending on your insurance, you are told whether or not you can see a certain doctor, get a certain procedure, what prescription medications they will cover or not cover for you, are a few examples.) Hence why Doctors NEED that extra income from the “ Kick backs” that the Prescription Drug companies pay them for writing “ THEIR” Toxic Medications. Then “ WE” as their patients, get trapped in the “ Never ending circle” of taking these Prescribed toxic medications that have hundreds of side effects ( even death in some!). What do I mean when I referred to “ The never ending circle”? Well it’s because you may be prescribed a medication to “ Fix” your initial Health Problem or symptom, then have side effects from THAT medication, then your doctor will prescribe you ANOTHER Toxic medication to try and off set the initial medications side effects, then you may experience more side effects from that NEW MEDICATION, so what happens next? YES, You guessed it, ANOTHER PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION! THIS, is the “ Never ending circle” that I referred to earlier!

Then ask yourself this… are all of these toxic prescription medications taking away/ FIXING your INITIAL PROBLEM? If they did indeed CURE/ FIX your INITIAL PROBLEM, let’s just say it was High Blood Pressure, Are you STILL taking the medications? If your answer to this was “yes”, then ( don’t kill the messenger!) Your High Blood Pressure is NOT Cured or FIXED. If it was, then you wouldn’t need to stay on these medications that are ONLY helping/Masking to keep your High Blood Pressure down. If the medications that were prescribed to you were to “ CURE or FIX” your “ High Blood Pressure”, then in reality, you would only need to take that prescription medication for a short time to CURE/FIX your “High Blood Pressure” then the doctor would have you stop the medication. You would think, right? Yet I bet your still being told by your Doctor to keep taking that High Blood Pressure Med, right? “Why?” You may be thinking to yourself, “ I thought that medication you put me on because I had High Blood Pressure was to get “rid of it/ fix it”? Well, I hate to break it to you but your High Blood Pressure medication is only, if your lucky, helping to keep your Blood Pressure at a normal rate… NOT CURE or FIX your High Blood Pressure. Think of it as a “Bandaid” not a complete “Fix All end All”. If it were, then you would not need to be still taking it to keep your blood pressure at a normal rate. You are at “Mercy” to that medication/medications. You are now trapped in that “vicious never ending circle”.

Here’s something else to think about: Doctors keep patients sick. “WHAT!?” You may be thinking. Let me explain myself. If Doctors “Fix” you and keep you healthy then you wouldn’t need them anymore. Right? Doctors would eventually end up with NO Patients and they would go broke. Does this Make sense now? “That doctors and the pharmaceutical companies keep patients sick in order to have a continual profitable business”.

TOXIC ingredients in products, costs a LOT LESS $! TRUE!

Pure plant-based, All Natural and NON-toxic ingredients from Mother Nature, costs a LOT MORE $! Also TRUE, but they are not just a Bandaid Nor are they Full of Toxins that just create MORE Disease, Symptoms or Side effects. Also, if your taking the RIGHT All Natural/ Non Toxic Plant-based Products that actually DO what they are meant to DO, then you will be able to FIX YOUR HEALTH PROBLEMS ONCE AND FOR ALL and Feel the HEALTHIEST YOU PROBABLY HAVE EVER FELT IN YOUR LIFE! Your body will be Toxin Free thus having a Stronger Immune System and much more Energy and Vibrance! You are no longer at the mercy of the Toxic Pharmaceutical Companies and Doctors. Of course we all still need Doctors but for things like broken limbs and bones for instance. Not for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or Arthritis, as examples. That’s when we should go to our All Natural/ Non Toxic Plant Based products for the solution! Take Back Your Health! Modern day medicine is what I call it! We no longer have to continue to Live Sick and Unhealthy. You have control now over your own health! You now have choices and those choices are all in your hands ONLY! You no longer are at the mercy of “BigPharma” and your (Toxic pill pusher) Doctors! This is 2017 and Old Medicine Practice is OUT! Now, YOU HAVE ALL THE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HEALTH! Start being your own Advocate because now a days it’s a MUST! Take Back Your Health! Make your Health your #1 Priority! Remember, YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your OWN DESTINY! You no longer have to be a “Victim”!

Willie, I would love to share your article here as an included guest blogger on my Business Website, with your permission of course! The entire first half or more of your article was one that I could have written myself because you said things that I say to help some of my clients with realizing this every day! Spot on Willie! Let me know if you would like to be featured.

We only have ONE LIFE, so why not make your Health TOP PRIORITY so that you can enjoy every part of life that life has to offer! To be around to watch our children grow up, you can be great examples to them by Living Healthy and Toxin free! You can Exercise daily, Travel, be active grandparents to your grandchildren someday and Live Life To It’s Fullest every single day now matter what age we are! Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? We all have the ability and in modern days like we live in now, we have the All Natural, Non Toxin products at our fingertips but the The CHOICE IS YOURS!

Children mimic what their parents do and how they live. Even if you don’t think they are watching you, THEY ARE! You as their parents make a permanent impact on your children, so Live As an Exemplary Example to first YOURSELF and then to YOUR CHILDREN.

I love the way your living Willie and you and your wife are being EXEMPLARY examples to your beautiful daughter! Willie Gillis

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