Glenne Headly’s Alison Crowe Played Offense to Give a Better Defense

This outstanding series is so truly perceptive on how the Criminal Justice system truly works in reality as it just keeps on grinding day to day barely allowing for the “truth” to be a top priority. I know this personally first hand as I was a former Prosecutor for over a decade and then a Judge until I just recently retired. From the Homicide detective depicted, to the over worked Prosecutor and even the burned out Coroner, “The Night Of” gives the raw true reality of what occurs across our country in court systems every day. The only perspective I did not have was that of a defense lawyer especially those public defenders fighting without fanfare and huge caseloads struggling uphill day to day giving their best battle representing those whom are going to lose 98% percent of the time. Sadly its only the later cool reflection on Appeals (sometimes after many Appeals and years) along with the advent of D.N.A. evidence that those whom were thrown away by the system as guilty while hollering their “innocence” are found to have been really been telling the truth. I guess that it why Detective Box wanted to retire so fast and move on (incidentally another of the A+ actors and actresses in this series!).

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