Trump and climate change

Will Donald Trump pull the US out of the Paris Agreement?

It has been about a week since Donald Trump became President-elect, but Trump has already done a lot of back peddling. Trump has now revealed he will not repeal Obamacare in its entirety and he is now not so critical of Clinton or Obama. Overall, Trump has massively toned down his rhetoric, most probably with the aim to appear more presidential or because he now knows how impractical some of his suggestions are. Despite this, Trump’s views on climate change are a big worry. Trump has held these views for some time so these are not fabricated just for him to get elected. It would also be beneficial for him in the short-term for job creation to start drilling more in the US and to cut environmental regulations, which he said he’ll do. It is for these reasons that the Paris Agreement is in big danger of collapsing which would put us back in our efforts to tackle climate change.

The Paris Agreement is an agreement between 195 countries to try and cut carbon emissions with the aim to tackle climate change. It is not well enforced, but it does show a clear effort to tackle global warming and at the very least identifies climate change as a problem. It provides huge optimism for the future that climate change will be dealt with.

The fact that Trump thinks climate change is a hoax created by China puts this in danger. If the US is not going to try and cut emissions then it is likely other countries like China or Russia will follow suit and the agreement will crumble. It would simply put the US at an unfair advantage over other nations if they refuse to follow the agreement and rival countries will not stand for it.

Climate change is causing temperatures to rise across the world. Almost every year since 2000 is a record breaking year for surface temperature. Extreme weather is becoming more prominent. If climate change is not tackled accordingly then sea levels will rise, heatwaves will be harsher and last longer, they’ll be droughts, more snowfall. The list is endless. This must be tackled. If we fail, some parts of our planet will become inhabitable.

Trump’s and others audacity to believe they know more than practically every respected scientist shows either their stupidity or their massive ego. It is honestly unbelievable that some people, who clearly have an education, can believe that we have no effect on climate change. If Trump pulls out of this agreement, which does seem likely, then it will put us back several years and will cause untold damage to the world.

This will probably be the biggest casualty of the Trump presidency.