Writer’s Software Generates Fiction Stories with Dynamic Plots, Characters, and Dialogue

Adding 13,000,000 unique sentences to an already overwhelming database of over 466,000,000, First Draft 3.8 gives fiction writers an opportunity to enjoy the same writer’s blockbusting tools that non-fiction writers have enjoyed since 2014.

First Draft 3.8 is writing software that obliterates writer’s block with automated content generation, unlimited sentence starters, and thousands of autosuggest (autocomplete) entries. It was created to facilitate the writing process for journalists, bloggers, and content creators across the United States. With the latest version, First Draft 3.8, however, its target audience now includes writers who compose fiction narratives, fictional biographies, realistic fiction, occupational fiction, novelettes, success stories, short stories and more.

In addition to generating well-written, non-fiction articles or drafts for product reviews and basic ‘how-to’ content, the software now generates actual fiction stories with a complete plot, character interaction and dialogue. Plots include the basic elements (introduction, rising action, resolution), character conflict, interaction, and dialog among each. And like with its non-fiction module, every plot provides a strong basis from which any writer can form a full and interesting story.

According to First Draft’s developer, Nicole Miller, “The seeds for automated fiction writing have been sown. As more content is added, the plots get thicker, the conflicts get more interesting, and the dialogue becomes richer. That’s just the nature of how First Draft works. More content means more variation and more opportunities to write something fantastic and original.”

For that reason, the developer strongly recommends that writers regularly update their version of the software. According to Nicole, “The First Draft that you see today won’t be the First Draft that you see the following week or month. And by not regularly updating, writers risk missing out on a constant stream of fresh material and unique approaches to content creation.”

All functions of First Draft work with its fiction module just as well as they work for its non-fiction module. As such, fiction writers have access to a huge database of phrases, sentence swapping, data packs, writing prompts, templates and template creation, tabbed editing, a plethora of quotations, text tags, and more.

First Draft 3.8 costs $149.99 and can be purchased online from http://www.justoutsourcing.com/. For more information, contact Just Outsourcing, 1008 Tenth Street PMB #456, Sacramento, CA 95814–3502. Email: support@justoutsourcing.com. You can download a trial version of First Draft 3.8 from http://www.justoutsourcing.com.


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Since 2006, Just Outsourcing has developed and marketed several Windows utilities, published two books, and received over 20 awards in recognition of quality content and products available from more than ten thousand websites around the world.

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