“Any girl would be lucky to have you”, “you are a very nice guy”… these may sound promising when it comes from a girls mouth but let me remind you… these are the hoaxes that have managed to keep the “would be”s one click away from being the “one”s.

And I am a “would be”.

Now don’t confuse this with the fiancé ‘would be’, which is a whole another story for somebody else to narrate. My ‘would be’ refers to guys who are not the most preferable type for girls… the universal population of singles.

Well, not that I complain, but in light of recent events I was nudged into writing this. Recently a friend of mine, a girl, complimented me of my language. Telling me about how smooth and sophisticated I speak, and then she added if I were to speak to a girl over phone, the chances are that the girl would fall head over heels for me blindly. Now this left me wondering if I should be happy that I was being appreciated for my skill or to mull over the depressing fact that the charm circles around the words ‘over the phone’. Another friend overhearing this conversation pointed me to an electric fly trap where a fly had just walked into its demise, and said, ’that’s you, right now’

I took a look at the fly and realised… that is not me! I am the fly that flew right through the grills of the trap — a reject!!

On another such instance I was chatting with a friend from college, and this is a girl on whom I used to have a big crush. So, we were chatting about odds and evens and casually among topics came crushes. Now I felt a little awkward — should I tell her? Or honestly, COULD I tell her? Then I decided to hold back — MISTAKE ONE; and begged her to go first — MISTAKE TWO.

She reluctantly agreed that she did have a crush on a person from college. Now I was intrigued, I pestered her for a name — MISTAKE THREE. Fighting all the possible suitors, I hoped she would spill my name, but well, we all know that ain’t gonna happen, don't we? Anyways when she did finally say the name, I was baffled. Because I honestly did not see that coming.

Y… Let’s call that person Y!
Y was the guy whom you see in all places where there was trouble. In fact he was the trouble. The guidebook on How to behave worst in a college… That was Y. Oh yes! HE was popular, not a jock, no hint of a geek, he was a typical, Cliched… everyday nightmare — Bully!

Like every Bully, Y had an entourage, his own clan of minions. He was bad-ass, popular and politically influential in the college circle. However I never pegged him to be a ladies man, I bet even he wouldn't have thought so.

And so you can imagine my surprise when she said, she had a crush on Y. 
I mean of all the damn people in the planet… Why Y???

This brings up another clearly misguided notion that has been masquerading as a Fact in my mind, which is that women are more matured than men. Now that I think of it may be it’s a slight lack of empathy and the complete inability to express some emotions that leads us to think that they are more mature.

However, I am just a ‘would be’ thinking that it is rather better to be me than to be ‘mature’.

Just food for thought ;-)

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