An intro to vulnerability — August Poems

Poems for Medium 1 — August 2017

It’s hard for me to be vulnerable in public. So many of the things that I’ve been proud of and put out in the open have been stomped into a gutter. Along with them is my humiliated ego, that defeatedly surrenders into the sewer grates just to get lost along with the misplaced crying vulnerability of others.

I’ve lost so much faith in people. I’ve been carelessly wronged by those that I’ve invested significantly into. I don’t see these short blurbs of thought (speaking for the future) as the outlet to express that disappointment, but as an opportunity to develop a voice outside of the atmosphere that has single handedly contributed to the regrettable development of the mental-safeguard I’ve forged for myself from steel.

Emotionally, I feel isolated. I study and use poetry as a way of understanding my feelings, and expressing my frustration. My dreams and fears, questions and revelations, my sense of self and sense of god exist in these words, and even if right now, or forever, I have no audience, I take pleasure and comfort in knowing that these ideas live selflessly outside of my computer and my books.


For this first post I want to share some of my favorite poems (5 to be exact) I wrote during the month of August, 2017.

A major weakness of mine is polishing; these poems are raw. If you’re reading this right now, let me know what you think, because as much as I try to hide from it, your opinion matters to me.


Here are my poems: