An Internal Monologue, Transcribed

Or, Why I Stopped Posting On Medium

Maybe I should go back to Medium. I made friends there, and for once I felt that the silly little stories that came out of my head were not as terrible as I thought.

But I can’t, can I?

Why not? You don’t need to read anything, just post and interact, and occasionally say “headphones” to Jaden Violet

But I can’t NOT read things, and I will end up spending a few hours a day seething with annoyance at people. People like me.

And I want to submit to the Weekly Knob. I miss people being kind about something I created, I miss feeling like I am slightly good at something.

But look, open Medium and pick an article that interests you… left wing politics, of course. You agree with almost all of the article, right? Course you do. But you can’t help it, you’re going to look at the comments.

There we go, other left wing people, arguing about how left wing they are.

Check your privilege, stay in your lane, look how “woke” I am compared to you. The feminists who dislike trans people (and the not all feminists). The gay men who dislike feminism (and the not all gay men). The black lives matter, the blue lives matter, the well actually all lives matter. The hetero white guys apologising and pointing out it wasn’t them. The centrists “well, actually-ing”. The Corbynistas, Bernie Bro’s, “I’m with her”’s, Blairites and various other catch-all terms that have been salvaged and reconditioned as insults.

All that shit.

And while we bicker and argue, the right team up and destroy the world while they portray us as terrorist sympathising abuse-mongers.

And you read it all, don’t you?

So maybe keep off medium

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