Telling men that their fears “are not equal, They’re just not” is an even worse way to get a point…
Tall Small

But you have taken what Alexainie said completely out of context, and seemingly deliberately.

Men’s fears, as you have described them, are to do with their own perception of masculinity. If I get rejected I will feel bad… why will I feel bad? Because I will feel inferior to other men and in some way emasculated (and we have all known a man to hammer that fucking point home)… a woman may be aware of this but that doesn’t mean she is duty bound to vagina my nob off there and then to prevent me from heading to the nearest light fitting with a step ladder and length of cable.

Women’s fears come from… you have guessed it… men. If a woman gets rejected she will also feel bad, it’s a natural response but if she rejects someone she has inevitably experienced at least some verbal abuse from a man who feels- as you seem to- that he has a divine right to flap his wang at anyone he wants and have them touch it out of obligation.