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First off I apologise for my disproportionately annoyed response to your prior statement, I had worked 14 hours and then had an inconsolable 10 week old to placate.

I have nothing against the hardworking honest folks of the world, but I believe people like your family are an exception. Your initial response made it appear that you had done all the work for them, which is a very common thing. I may not have been clear (as my initial post was a hastily scrawled stream of consciousness) but my issue is not with people having no work ethic, it is with people not accepting their own privilege- for example I am aware that I wouldn’t have progressed as far in the company I work for were I not white, likewise my boss would not have been promoted if he had the poorhouse upbringing I did.

PS, it doesn’t matter whether someone is a Christian or not- good people are good people regardless of the bedtime stories they were told

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