This paragraph paints you as a very ignorant person.
Thea Conrad

Hi, thanks for replying. I am sure you understand that I was generalising- not out of a desire to undermine hard working, affluent yet charitable American citizens but as a means of making a point about a subject that has affected me in my life. Now I know what feminists feel like when #notallmen happens! Haha etc etc.

You think all of the “financially privileged” got their money served to them on a silver platter?

I would say a person is financially privileged exactly if they are handed it on a silver platter- they are the people I was referring to when I referred to the financially privileged. If someone has worked for their money then fair play, however if their parents or grandparents worked themselves into the ground to give that person an advantage over others, it is fair to infer that that person has an advantage over others, and as an extension it is also fair to imply that that person has a different attitude to money to those that have been raised on or below the breadline.

You think that all the people in America who make good money have the same hypocritical attitude that politicians have?

I believe that a lot of older people around the world have yet to realise that the world is different now. People of my parents age, those post-war boom kids, were taught that if you work hard and shout “mine” loud enough you too can own something. But they took all the things. The amount left to cling to and shout “mine” had depleted so those hanging on to the most stuff (companies, property, land, THINGS) insured that their children got the first helpings because “I worked hard for this and it’s MINE”. That’s capitalism, you can say, and yes it is but you have to accept that the capitalist dream of “work hard and get all of the things” is tilted in the favour of those who already have a disproportionate share of the things, and the gap will widen with each successive generation under capitalism. To deny that is… well, it’s ignorant.

You think that all wealthy people look down upon those who aren’t as well-off with disgust and contempt?

No, I was generalising. I do, however, believe that people are blinkered to the struggles of others and naturally look out for their own interests, and I believe that there are a lot of people in the world that are happy to sweep those less fortunate under that big metaphorical carpet.

Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong

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