Hey, my birthday was Saturday!

Holy moly, Happy belated Birthday!

I have a few signed Pratchett books. When I was about 12 I had met him at a signing for the paperback of Lords And Ladies (his output was so prominent during the ’90s that he would tour the new hardback at the same time as the previous paperback. I believe Lords and Ladies coincided with Johnny and Dead’s first release, but I couldn’t afford hardbacks at that age… when a new book or album was coming out I’d spend a fortnight not eating lunch at school and hiding my lunch money so I could buy it. Also, why are paperbacks so expensive now? My copy of Reaper Man has £3.99 printed on it, hardbacks were £19.99 at the time. Now paperbacks are £9.99 and hardbacks are £12.99….)

Sorry I totally digressed in parenthesis, my story was that a week after meeting him I was out shopping with my parents in some godforsaken English town near my Nan’s house and I saw him and his daughter (Rhianna, writer of the Tomb Raider reboot.) He saw me staring at him, came over and said hi and he remembered me. He remembered my name, and what town I had met him in… he did say he only remembered me because I was an unattended child and he thought my name was short for something, but still I was over the moon. He introduced me to Rhianna who was like a sullen 16/17 year old and off he went.

He was amazing, and I never thought I’d miss his writing as much as I do.