When All I Want to Do is Not Write

A Seagull, representing freedom (as well as violent theft of food)

I could do one of those

“Oh but Medium wouldn’t be the same without you”

posts here, but it would come across as insincere and hypocritical.

Instead I shall say

Don’t Write, Then.

Seems harsh? Well…and here’s the part where I do the white male thing of making this all about me… I have been writing regularly since I was 14. Getting the ideas out of my head, never showing or sharing them out of a combination of “fear of mockery and rejection™” and “It’s only for me (and if other people like it, it’s a bonus)”(which is a trademark of all “alternative” bands ever, I suspect.)

And I stopped. About 2 months ago, I just didn’t have the mental fortitude to continue. I dropped out and did other things — nothing good, just got on with living — and I feel better for it. The ideas in my head have been refined, and the Google Drive folder is still full of the half-formed stories that have accrued over the years (some of them are photos of old school books, I am convinced one day I will need an idea from one of them.)

So uninstall the Medium app, delete it from your favourites and take a week or so off. The ideas will still be there, Medium will still be here (with the good and the bad,) and you’ll still be capable of writing.

Because you are not a writer. None of us are. We are a combination of many things, no single one defines us by itself. You won’t cease to exist if you can’t write, nor will you go insane, you know this.

Take a break. It seems Medium has become quite stressful in my absence (I believe the technical term is “a cunthive”). If you don’t feel like writing, go do anything else.

Look at me, a white male on the internet, giving a woman I don’t really know permission to do something. I am become 4chan, the destroyer of worlds. Fucks sake.