I’m totally going to date myself here with my answer.
elizabeth tobey

I really hope my answer didn’t come across as some terrible “you asked for it by being in that industry and not being anonymous” claptrap. I admire your ability to have your head over the parapet, but I find sometimes the ability to have someone else pop up to tell the people aiming at yours to fuck off is… well it helps, even if that someone else is you in a sombrero and a bad (and confusing) French accent.

Ideally we’d live in a world where people get called out and ostracised for trying to make people’s lives a misery (I only saw it once, when a PS blog user was spamming Fred Dutton’s personal twitter over Christmas and found themselves inundated with people sticking up for Fred on twitter and every blog post he- whys it always a he?- made subsequently.) I don’t want to say that is an aim as it’s just displacing the mob abuse but…

Your commitment to the community is disgustingly commendable, especially as gaming communities always feel like they have an undercurrent of snide elitism sliding through the cracks.