Happy Birthday Jay :) **hugs** Good to hear you took some time off for selfcare.
Aura Wilming

Thank you! If I had amazingly long arms I’d hug you… though you’d probably think it were some sort of horror movie tentacle attack and come at them with a kitchen knife…

What I liked about Pratchett’s slide into the realms of Steampunk is that Robert Rankin (“One of the rare guys that can always make me laugh”; Terry Pratchett, said once and used on every 1990’s Rankin book sleeve due to their proximity to each other in bookshops,) changed his style to steampunk quite some time ago (2002 or so, but his books remain as ridiculous as they were when they were about the Antichrist appearing in 1980’s London, or aliens attacking a small allotment, or Jesus being cloned as twins,) and joked in about 2005 that Pratchett would do it “in ten years or so.”

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