Bad days in the gaming industry
elizabeth tobey

You must have the patience of a saint. I have been an avid fan of Video games (I try not to call myself a Gamer as that conjures up the wrong idea- plus it doesn’t define me, man) for the best part of thirty years and the attitude a lot of self professed Gamers have (being female you inevitably encountered the “you can’t be a real gamer because…” gang) disgusts me.

I work in customer relations, and I have to give bad news to people a lot of the time (usually along the lines of “our lab broke £750 worth of product again pleasedon’tkillme”,) but I know that if I were to say “I can’t concentrate due to personal issues, please bear with me” most people would accept that- video games seem to inspire a level of entitled dickery (just read the Playstation blog every time the Plus games get announced) that is beyond the norm.

It should not be up to you to have to explain to people that one person is not the company. People should be self aware enough to understand that. I know that many aren’t and for some reason the public like to chase someone out of town, cause them financial stress for the slightest bit of discomfort but companies should be there defending and protecting their staff. Was there not an option to switch to an official-yet-not-you account and reply? Tweet/message from yours that you are out of the office and hide behind a different account for a few days? People would still complain about you but you would be slightly buffered against the abuse and personal slurs (a customer service course I was forced to go on suggested that all companies allow their staff two official profiles for exactly this reason.)

I hope the guy who phoned you on Christmas eve at least wished you a merry Christmas.