Congratulations to Susan Gonzales

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce commends Susan Gonzales, former Director of Community Engagement at Facebook, for her decision to become an independent consultant. After witnessing her many years of accomplishment as Director of Community Engagement at Facebook, we are excited to see what the future brings.

It was Susan herself that convinced Facebook to create the Director of Community Engagement role, as the company needed to have a diversity investment strategy and a network of strategic relationships with diverse communities, and their leaders.

Thus, Susan was put in charge of creating and managing outreach to America’s diverse communities, as well as serving as a liaison to Congress.

For five years, she forged a powerful network, fostering the development of close and strategic relationships with leaders from the Hispanic and minority business communities throughout the country, all on behalf of Facebook.

Indeed, Susan’s exemplary leadership resulted in numerous opportunities for diverse business leaders, including education about policy and business issues important for Facebook.

But this trailblazer did not rest on her laurels. Rather, she decided to branch out, becoming an independent consultant to replicate her success in various other companies and industries.

Susan believes as we do: that American businesses succeed when they engage with all of their consumers, especially those within diverse communities.

The USHCC is optimistic that Susan will use her years of experience and unique insight to help more and more businesses build bridges to America’s diverse communities. We also look forward to working with her in any future projects. It is the leadership of people like Susan that creates more opportunities for communities all over America.

Susan Gonzales is on LinkedIn.

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